Everything about Schedule


In order to fully understand the meaning of the term at hand, schedule, it is important that, first of all, we proceed to establish its etymological origin. In doing so, we discover that it emanates from Greek, since it is made up of two words that are: the noun “chronos”, which can be translated as “time”, and the word “grama”, which is equivalent to “written message”.

Chronogram is a concept that is used in several Latin American countries to refer to a schedule of work or activities.

For example: “According to the schedule indicated by the authorities, the traveling fair will arrive in the city tomorrow”, “The schedule that we agreed with the manager indicates that today we have to present at least five balances”, “We are going to prepare a schedule to better organize our obligations”.

The schedule helps to manage time efficiently.

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The schedule as a management tool

The schedule, therefore, is a very important tool in project management. It can be a printed document or a digital application; In either case, the schedule includes a list of activities or tasks with their expected start and finish dates.

To be able to make a schedule, it is always recommended to take into account tips such as having a calendar at hand, having all the tasks that must compose it, establishing a basic timeline…

Software assistance

There are many computer programs that can be used so that any company, professional or individual can establish their own schedule of activities to be undertaken. For example, one of the simplest and most used software in this regard is Microsoft Word, which allows the creation of tables where all the aforementioned tasks can be established.

In the same way, you can also use Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet that is equally appropriate for this mission given its characteristics and the type of grid template it works with.

Schedules are useful in multiple professions and trades.

Examples of using a schedule

Within a multitude of fields, the use of a schedule is used as a tool for controlling and managing activities. Thus, for example, it is usual to talk about the payment schedule of the various banks that includes, among other aspects, when the relevant State must carry out the relevant economic transaction so that they enter the pensions that correspond to them into the accounts of the clients..

Suppose a journalist has to write five articles and his editor tells him that the deadline is one month. The reporter therefore has just over four weeks to conduct the necessary research, establish contacts, conduct interviews and write the articles. To organize his work and prevent tasks from piling up over the deadline, he can create a schedule where he sets his goals by date.

Another example of the use of a schedule can be found when the government announces that a health tent will tour several towns to provide free care to the inhabitants. The authorities will then publish a schedule that indicates what day the tent will pass through each place and at what times it will serve the residents.